NSS (National Service Scheme)


National Service Scheme (NSS) curriculum involves helping our society through social activities. NSS acts as a link to serve impoverished communities all over India. NSS students develop love and awareness towards their society while bestowing their services. We train them to become ideal citizens as well as compassionate human beings and teach them to impart the same knowledge in the people of today and tomorrow.

At present we have two units consisting of one hundred students each, as per University rules. Students registered for NSS take up projects like Blood Donation Camps, Community Services and Hospital Services, etc. A major part of NSS is the 10-day camp every year in a chosen underveveloped area in which the students take part. During these 10 days, students educate the residents of these underdeveloped regions on various issues that affect the community, such as family planning, importance of educating girls for a society, keeping a healthy and clean environment and surroundings, health education, abolition of dowry, AIDS, etc.

Our NSS candidates have won many accolades and laurels at state and national levels for their work and dedication.


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