Shree Maharajji

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP), previously known as Sadhna Bhawan Trust, was established in 1970, and runs under the divine guidance of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. JKP is a non-profit, charitable & spiritual organisation, and is dedicated towards increasing spiritual awareness, and is also actively involved in a range of charitable projects and activities, to serve mankind at large.

The aims and objectives of JKP are:

JKP has continually expanded over the years. Since its foundation, four main ashrams have been established; Bhakti Dham - Mangarh, Shyama Shyama Dham - Vrindavan, Rangeeli Mahal - Barsana, and Radha Govind Samiti Golok Dham - New Delhi. All four ashrams are actively involved in various spiritual activities for the welfare of spiritual aspirants. Throughout the year, these ashrams conduct various philosophical discourses, devotional chanting, spiritual camps and retreats, and also organise celebrations on various festivals.

JKP coordinates various social, philanthropic and humanitarian activities to provide relief to the poor through free distribution programs, including distribution of hand-driven tri-cycles, clothing, blankets, food, etc. JKP also raises funds to contribute in national relief programs, which provide emergency aid to the victims of natural disasters and tragedies.

JKP has established two 100% free multi-facility hospitals in rural villages in North India, equipped with modern technologies, where all medical treatments, hospital facilities and required medications are provided free of cost to each and every patient. In addition, free medical and health awareness camps are conducted regularly. In addition, JKP also distributes money, free medicines, and provides emergency medical services and financial aid to the patients, as and when required.

JKP has also established a 100% free secular educational Institution to enhance literacy and provide quality education to the deprived. The Institution has three levels – Primary School, Intermediate College and a University, where all students receive their education completely free, and also receive free uniforms and other school related requirements.

Free Education in India
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