KMM has a beautifully designed Library with airy, well-lit reading areas and a seating capacity of 150 students. The open access system is user-friendly and the library staff are helpful and approachable.

Library is the hub of academic life, which houses a large collection of books (fiction and non-fiction), journals (both national and international), biographies, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, art books and maps. Audio-visual materials, such as CD-ROMs, films, slides and filmstrips are also available.

The library is centrally located and both the students and staff have full access to use the library during its opening hours.


Computer Lab

The Computer lab houses modern computers to ensure that the students keep abreast of the fast changing IT scenario and can adapt to advancements in the Information Technology arena.

The computer lab also provides facilities to the students to explore the world through the internet. Staff and students can avail computer facilities for both academic and personal use. Short-term basic computer courses are also available if and when required.

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