Kripalu Mahila Mahavidyalay (KMM) is a growing Institute that presently runs four courses – Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts.

The main aim of KMM is to run as many courses as possible in order to provide a wide range of options to our students. KMM also aims to refine its computer-related subjects and courses to keep the students uptodate with the rapid advancements in information technology. In addition, new infrastructure, recreational facilities, college events and fairs is planned to be arranged and made available to enhance student life at KMM.

KMM has a systematic and well thoughtout plan, which will facilitate qualitative growth of the Institute. The plan has been spread over the following three phases:

1) Phase 1(1998 – 2005) – Set up and Initial stage

2) Phase 2 (2005 – 2010) – Growth & Development

3) Phase 3 (2011 Onwards) – Beyond the Horizon

Phase 1 (1998 – 2005) – Set up and Initial stage

This period was relatively slow but successful for KMM. As it was a new venture to establish a degree-level college, hindrances were ought to be present. No doubt, providing female education was and will be a tough job within this region. Availability of even the most basic amenities for an educational institute in this region was difficult beyond imagination. Regardless, basics like building requirements for classes and hostel were met during this phase. Due to the shortage of funds the pace of this phase was relatively slow.

In spite of the shortcomings in the first phase, KMM achieved the following:

 Phase 2 (2005 – 2010) – Growth & Development

Phase 2 was a very important phase for KMM as this period was assigned for overall development of KMM right through from adding new courses to purchasing more land, to building new infrastructure and providing the students with the best possible academic environment. Massive construction and development started in the year 2005.

Promotion of quality education was KMM's main agenda. A remarkable change was brought into the working culture as well. The Institute also started providing computer education in this phase.

The biggest achievement was the declaration made by our Patron, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj to provide 100% free education to all students studying courses run by KMM.

Achievements during this phase (2005 – 2010):

Phase 2 has proven to be a very successful period for KMM, as it achieved its growth and development plan in the year 2007 which was anticipated to be achieved by the end of 2010. This is the result of the ongoing support from all our donors and also the tremendous hard work, effort, efficiency and a well-drafted workplan and its implementation by everyone at KMM. KMM celebrated this success by announcing that it had already stepped into its 3rd Phase three years prior to its planned year.

Phase 3 (2011 Onwards) – Beyond the Horizon

Looking into the future, KMM anticipates Phase 3 to be a promising phase in which education will be taken to the highest level possible. Starting off the phase with the provision of free education, KMM aims to ensure that students continue to receive high quality education in the years ahead. The institute hopes to expand by adding new courses and also adding onto its infrastructure in the future. KMM will make a name for itself. In fact, the name will speak for itself.


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