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Sakshi, Kriti & Deepika DWIVEDI

The Dwivedi sisters, Sakshi, Kriti and Deepika, live in Trilochan Nagar, Kunda, and they all study at our Institution.


SakshiSakshi is currently completing her final year in M.A. (Home Science) at Kripalu Mahila Mahavidyalay.

Q1. Where did you complete your schooling from?

I started studying at KBIC from Class 6 and completed my 12th here. I studied at Saraswati Shishu Mandir before then.


Q2. What are the major changes you have seen in this college since you have started studying here?

Since the new management (JKP Education) has taken over, there has been significant changes. Previous management didn't encourage girls to get proper education, and we also didn't have any opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Before the new management, there weren't any facilities available. There were no fans or lighting in our classrooms.

We were also never taught properly in class. We simply copied what the teachers wrote and memorised it. Now, all of that has changed. They make sure we understand what we are being taught.

We also have labs to do our practical classes, and we actually get to learn various techniques and skills. Previously we were asked to do our practical work at home, and most of the time we couldn't do it.


Q3. What do you like about studying here at KMM?

All the teachers here are very supportive and don't talk to us rudely. They are always encouraging us to do well and helping us build our confidence. I also like the atmosphere and the discipline we follow here.

Over here, we get a chance to participate in several functions and competitions like sports, dancing and singing. I am always looking forward to it and I participate in as many activities as I can.

There is no other place like KMM in a place like Kunda. If I didn't study here my life would have been completely different. KMM has changed my life for the better.

Q4. Do you see any difference in girls who study here and other girls living in the area?

Yes, there is a lot of difference between the students of KMM and other girls around Kunda. They have a very low confidence level. They are too scared to express themselves and are not able to communicate properly. I know that's how I was before I started studying here. 


Q5. What are your plans for the future?

I want to do Ph.D. after my M.A. so that I can become a teacher and pass on the knowledge, values and morals to the next generation. I want to help brighten up their future.




Kriti is currently studying in Class 11 at Kripalu Balika Intermediate College.

She is the Vice Captain for Kaveri (Red) House.



Q1. When did you start studying at KBIC?


I started studying at KBIC from Class 6 and this year I will complete Class 11.



Q2. Where did you study before joining KBIC?


I studied at JP Public School. I never understood what I was being taught, so after Class 5 I left that school and joined KBIC.



Q3. What is the difference between your previous school and KBIC?


At our school, the teachers teach us properly. I also get various opportunities to participate in project work, dancing and competitions.


Over here, our course finishes before exams, which did not happen in my other school.


We have facilities here that students donít have in other schools, like lights and fans in classrooms.


I know studying here will help me in the future, something which I would have never achieved if I had continued studying at my previous school.



Q4. Have you noticed a difference in your personality since you started studying here?


I feel this school has helped me become a better person.


I have definitely become more confident. I used to get scared on stage, but now it does not intimidate me. If I was not studying at KBIC, then I don't think I would have been able to speak to you so confidently today.


Once someone was asking me and a girl from another college some general questions, and she wasn't able to answer the questions. She was too scared to answer, whereas I didn't have that fear.



Q5. What do you want to do after you complete Class 12 next year?


I have always wanted to become a doctor ever since I was a little girl. If that does not work out then I want to study B.Sc. here at KMM.



Deepika is currently studying in Class 4 at Kripalu Balika Primary School.




Q1. When did you start studying at KBPS?


I started studying here since LKG.



Q2. Do you like coming to school?


Yes, because I have a lot of friends at school. During holidays I get bored at home but at school, time goes by very quickly.



Q3. What is your favourite subject?


I like Maths.



Q4. What are your hobbies?


I like to dance. I also like watching TV, playing basketball and with the kitchen set in our Activities Room at school.



Q5. What do you want to become when you grow up?


I want to become a D.M. (District Magistrate).




Sakshi, Kriti & Deepika's PARENTS


Q1. How has the Free Education Scheme affected you and your family?

Although the fees were nominal earlier on, it is now completely free, so we feel as if a big responsibility has been lifted off our shoulders. There are no fees to worry about, they get free uniforms, and everything they need is provided to them.

Q2. How does KBPS, KBIC and KMM compare to other schools and colleges in the area?

We only have positive things to say about this school and college.

Most schools give students opportunities only from Class 6 to do projects, but here, even students from Class 1 are taught these things.

Other girls who live in our neighborhood have to pay extra to learn music and dance, but our daughters get to learn it at school.
The cultural programs and functions over here can be compared to schools in Lucknow. In fact, it is better over here than at those colleges.


Q3. Why do you think it is important for girls to get an education?

As a teacher myself, I value education for both boys and girls, so that they can stand on their own feet and support themselves.

Free Education in India
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