Education at Kripalu Balika Intermediate College

The school day has been planned around providing all students with the opportunity to discover the best of themselves and to prepare them to face the challenges of modern life.

Houses are a major part of life at KBIC. Every student belongs to a house which provides the secure base on which she can build emotional stability and self-confidence. They also form the basis of groupings for many School competitions. Each house has its own team spirit and its pupils develop a strong sense of loyalty to it. Students remain in the same house throughout their time at School and as they progress, they are encouraged to take on increasing levels of responsibility as house captains and prefects.

All students in the School, irrespective of their religion, are encouraged to explore and develop their own faith, in an atmosphere of tolerance towards others' beliefs.

KBIC is known in the Districtís educational circles, for its innovative ideas and practices it has introduced into the educational process. The school provides a pleasing learning environment with a spirit of sharing and caring, with close bonds between teachers and students. At KBIC, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience to help children develop those attributes and qualities which will make them self reliant individuals and fine human beings, socially aware, compassionate and kind, having pride in their country and belief in the concept of global citizenship.


In KBIC the day starts off with the morning assembly. The Morning Assembly is an essential part of the school schedule. A set pattern of prayers, followed by English and Hindi News reading, thought of the day, important announcements concluding with the National Anthem is pattern followed during the assembly.

Each of the four houses has its own special week to conduct the assembly with the help of their House Teacher in the course of the academic year. It helps in exposing each student to leadership qualities. Students’ uniforms, shoes, hair, nails etc are checked by the house teachers’ everyday in the assembly in order to instil the importance for cleanliness and hygiene in the students’ lives. The Assembly is an opportunity for displaying the inexhaustible talent of the children. It fosters the spirit of group activity, leadership and value building. It also acknowledges the efforts of the silent learners in the class who are equally participative in organizing the school assembly.

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