Life at Kripalu Balika Intermediate College


Outdoor SportsIn KBIC we take pride in celebrating any function. Whether it’s Annual Day, Yearly Prize Distribution Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day or Principal’s Birthday, all the events are planned and executed in an organized and interesting manner. Functions are creatively designed, encouraging 100% participation of children and parents. The gracious presence of distinguished personalities always inspires our students to even greater heights of achievement. Our students learn the planning and organizing aspect of decision making in this process.


FestivalsIndia is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to culture and religions. As a result, the celebration of holidays and festivals, whether traditional or religious, has always been an important part of the KBIC culture. We enjoy celebrating the well diversified festivals with equal and uniform enthusiasm. Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Rakhi, Janmasthami, etc. All are celebrated with plenty of fun, food and fascination.

Audio-Visual & Seminars

Eucational audio visuals are also shown to the students in the school auditorium in order to let the students’ mind relax from the regular academic week whilst enhancing their general knowledge, vocabulary and interactive skills.

Seminars are also arranged frequently in the school auditorium in order to provide students with the opportunity to explore the world beyond books and also learn professionalism from a very young age.

Annual Magazine

Scout GuideThe KBIC family takes the annual publishing of “Gyan Vigyan” as an activity rather than just an annual magazine. The students, staff and the management come together to make a well-equipped and interesting magazine. Students are found busy searching for facts and figures for their well-versed articles where as the editorial board is busy proof reading all the articles and helping students’ write educative and well-informed articles. KBIC also takes a great pride in designing the magazine on its own.

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Life at KBIC